Academy Clubs

Seasonal Clubs – ages 4-19*. The Academy offers students the opportunity to take part in a series of seasonal clubs. These clubs will run in school holidays and will be exciting new projects which vary depending on the time of year (for example – our winter club will be a fantastic Christmas project). Different departments will offer different clubs so every student has the chance to participate.

Movie Making –ages 8-18*. Movie making club is a club exploring different types of movie making from stop motion to cinematic movies. Students will be able to put together short movies or trailers while exploring the industry at its finest.

Saturday Clubs – ages 4-19*. The Academy Saturday clubs are run by various departments ensuring there is something for all our students. These clubs are not linked to the department courses, they are standalone, these clubs will vary for all ages and skill level so students can choose the right session for them.

Why choose clubs at the Academy?

Our clubs give students the opportunity to try something different, meet new people or face new challenges.

Clubs may teach some new skills or industry knowledge that students can use in their normal classes.

*Clubs will be divided into groups, based on age.