Academy of Rock

Band Sessions – ages 9-19*. Band sessions will offer the chance for our students to form a band, or just play together for fun. The Academy has a group of course leaders that are all musicians themselves, and they will be there to assist to every student’s needs. There will also be recording opportunities lead by the production classes.

Repertoire sessions – ages 8-19* These sessions are for bands or musicians to practice their pieces and build up a repertoire. These sessions give students opportunities to practice for an audience, perform on a stage, or build up a set list for an upcoming EP or album (also recorded by the Young Technicians Academy).

Musician Promotion – ages 13-19*. Musician promotion focuses on students promoting and marketing themselves as artists. Along with help from the media production students, artists will be able to record promos, produce headshots and design album covers. Artists will also gain knowledge on the benefits of social media promotion, other marketing mediums and creating an online presence.

Why Choose the Academy of Rock?

The Academy Rock staff are all multi-instrument musicians that are dedicated to giving students the creative environment they need to fulfill their musical ambitions.

We believe every musician should be able to have the opportunity to perform, join a band, or record an album and that is what the Academy of Rock is all about.

*classes will be divided into groups, based on age


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