Live Production

All live Production Courses will work towards a Young Technicians Academy Qualification, Certificate and Passport. Students will also get the opportunity to showcase their talents at a range of internal and external events.

Sound Courses – ages 5-18*. These classes focus on the sound aspect of the live events industry. This can range from live concerts, to the theatre. Sound sessions will also include track production and recording techniques to allow students to have a
broad knowledge of the sound industry.

Lighting Courses– ages 5-18*. Our lighting courses will allow our students to develop an understanding of live lighting control, lighting design and stage rigging. These classes will give students all the relevant knowledge to take on any role within the lighting industries.

Stage Courses– ages 11-18*. These sessions will give students the opportunity to learn all areas of staging such as management, rigging, design and backline production. Students will also learn the correct procedures and skills to undertake any role for staging in a live performance.

Event Management Courses – ages 11-18*. Event management gives students an insight into what it takes to produce and manage an event. Students will explore life skills such as financing and marketing as well as industry specific knowledge including venue management and risk assessments.

Special FX Courses– ages 11-18*. Our special effects courses are specialist sessions aimed at using technology to enhance and decorate a performance. Our course covers laser design and engineering, pyrotechnics and graphic design. Students will have creative input in the design aspect of a show and showcase their new found knowledge at various types of event.

Why Choose Live Production at the Academy?

Our Academy Live Production Department is dedicated to creating the best future event crews. Our tutors are equipped with expert knowledge in their areas and are here to share with you the very best inside information on how the industry is run.

Our staff work tirelessly to give our students the knowledge, opportunities and skills they need to take on the world of work, with opportunities for work experience and networking. We believe our ethos will encourage students to step out of the Academy and straight into work or further education.

*classes will be divided into groups, based on age

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