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Media Production

All Media Classes will work towards a Young Technicians Academy Qualification, Certificate and Passport. Students will also get the opportunity to showcase their talents at a range of internal and external events adding to their portfolios within Video Production, Radio Broadcasting, Photography, Editing, Social Media Marketing and Podcasting.

Digital Film/ TV Video Production – Ages 8 – 19*. Our Digital Video Production classes are practical and theory-based sessions targeted towards the creative, techie and leadership characteristics. With the latest software and equipment students will gain knowledge and experience, leading to being able to produce and edit their television show or film that they have always wanted. Students will also gain and develop life skills in communication and resilience alongside assertiveness.

Radio Broadcasting – Ages 13 – 19* Our Radio Broadcasting classes will give you an in-depth look into the workings of a radio station using our own local radio station ‘Fenland Youth Radio’. This will be a base of broadcasting and students will have access to the most up-to-date software and equipment, allowing them to become the next generation of radio technicians, presenters and producers.

Podcasting – Ages 13 – 19* Podcasting within the Academy will tie in with the radio broadcasting, and digital video production element of the department. Students will gain the skills of planning and producing as well as broadcasting their podcast on our local radio station.

Digital Photography – Ages 8 – 19* Digital photography classes will allow students to express their imagination within digital photography and image manipulation. With the skills and experience obtained from their lessons, students will strive towards
planning, executing, and producing scrapbooks, plus a portfolio to display their work for future work opportunities.

Social Media Campaigns – Ages 13 – 19* Social media production will allow students to translate their passion for social media to learn promotion across multiple online platforms. Using the experiences they gain at the Academy, students will push their ability to self-advertise and advertise for future employers.

Live video broadcasting – Ages 11 – 19* Live video broadcasting works closely with our digital video production course. The experiences and knowledge obtained from previous lessons will enhance our student’s ability to work under pressure within a live
environment, gaining unparalleled experiences to use when working in the industry. Students will learn how to operate and set up a visual mixer, cameras, and a comms system within a professional environment, producing a live video broadcast.

Why Choose Media Production at the Academy?

Our team of tutors will use their experience and knowledge within their respected sections to ensure that all students learn everything they need to know in their relevant studies, whilst maintaining that sessions are kept exciting and gripping.

Whilst enrolled on the media production courses, students will gain life skills and experiences working on internal and external events within the Academy. This gives students the opportunity to make connections and experiences for future careers.

*classes will be divided into groups, based on age.

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