Music Production

Music Production

All music production course will work towards a Young Technicians Academy qualification, certificate, and passport.
Students will also get the opportunity to showcase their talents in internal and external events.

Music Production
This course will introduce students into the music industry combining creative practical work with academic teaching.
The course covers music theory, digital audio workstations, songwriting, and collaboration opportunities.

Music Technology
Music technology allows students to focus on the technical aspects of music production, establishing themselves as music producers and engineers.
This course will introduce new skills and knowledge such as studio recordings and mixing techniques.

Music Performance
Music performance allows students to follow a path of a self-sustained musician in the industry. Students will learn valuable industry knowledge such as artists rights, management, artist promotion, copyright and royalties.
Beyond this, students will have the opportunity to record in a professional studio environment to release their own music.

Beat Production
Beat Production introduces students into the art of making instrumental hip-hop beats using loops and samples.
The course covers sampling, drum tracks, music theory, time signatures, and digital audio workspaces.

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