Junior Lighting Production

Junior Lighting Production

Ages 7 – 11
Wednesday 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Junior Lighting Production allows students to learn more about Lighting Designs & Plots, Stage Design, Programming & Operating a Lighting Desk, Cable Management & Rigging, Truss Building, Colour Theories, Special FX and most importantly the Health & Safety behind this course.

The Junior Lighting Production course will allow the students to learn new skills as well as enhance and push the boundaries on knowledge they’ve already gained through previous experience.

Students will be able to use industry standard specialised equipment across the board as well as being able to build a strong portfolio of work that they can use when looking to get into the lighting industry for themselves.

This course will provide regular opportunities for students to be involved in shows and events within the academy itself as well as real world event experience.

Certificates will be provided upon completion of each level.